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December 2019 Parishioner

IT’S MERRY CHRISTMAS! “I’ve been having a difficult time finding that “perfect” Christmas card to send family and friends this Christmas. The difficulty is not

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November 2019 Newsletter

November, for we Americans, is traditionally the month of Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving for another successful harvest of God’s blessings showered upon us.  November – a time

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October 2019 Newsletter

I love reading daily devotionals; and actually use several different sources.  One such favorite is a beautiful little book called “God’s Little Devotional Book”.  One

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September 2019 Newsletter

Remember the three R’s: reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic!  Remember those good ol’ days and how these three R’s were taught (according to that old song)…”taught

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June 2019 Newsletter

“Com’ On! Get Into It!” For some time now, the diet craze has been in full force across the country. And diet gurus abound –

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May 2019 Newsletter

SHAKING OUR ROOTS and BEING REPLANTED Jan Riggenbach writes a newspaper column on gardening. In an article, she wrote about how to plant bedding plants,

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