June 2020 Parishioner


Memorial Day marks the un-official start of Summer …. and fortunately – praise God! – the un-official start of our return to worship ( Pentecost / May 31st) at St. Mark’s after nearly three months of a “stay-at-home” mandate and our community churches being in a physical lock down stage as a result of the Cornavirus19 pandemic.  As we all eagerly anticipate a gradual return to normalcy, in all aspects of our life let us each practice PATIENCE, UNDERSTANDING and RESPECT for all of God’s people as this slow return demands a total conscientious effort on all our parts.

            Also, as we are on the threshold of summer’s theme of rest & relaxation … may I also suggest that we take the time for spiritual renewal following what has been an emotional, physical and social endurance aspect of this current global pandemic.  In taking the time, we can renew our confidence in God’s grace and love for us all on several fronts this summer: