St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church has a great and rich heritage. It began in 1813 as six German Lutheran families arrived in the Borough of Butler with their Bibles, some apple seeds, and a strong faith that God would guide and bless them..

In the 200 plus years since those first Lutheran families arrived “The German Evangelical Congregation of St. Marcus Church in Butler, the faithfulness of God has remained unchanging, With the dynamic and steady witness of our members through the years, funds were raised, and three churches ultimately were built as membership grew.

Our Sunday School building, built in 1927 with a $100,000 bank loan, rapidly grew within a few years with the help of members still recovering from the Great Depression.

Some highlights of the church history are:

  • In 1843, the loss of 45 members wanting English sermons resulted in the formation of First English Lutheran Church
  • 1848 – Sunday school classes began
  • 1877 – the first choir was organized
  • 1888 – First woman’s Bible study and sewing meeting
  • 2013 – Celebrated our 200th Anniversary
  • 2015 – Rebuilt our beautiful Moller Pipe Organ

Unique talents and the vision of our Pastors have guided our congregation during varied challenges through the decades. The Blessing of the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion remain steadfast – as they were in 1813 for those German families worshiping in the cold Carpenter Shop on muddy Main Street in the Borough of Butler. In 2013 we celebrate our 200th Anniversary by reaching out to Butler Community every month with an event. Donations from these events were given to different non-profit organizations in Butler. The Window Walk reminded us how blessed and beautiful our building is. Each year we continue to add to our traditions to better serve Jesus.