September Parishioner 2021


Periodically I receive text messages (or an occasional phone call or e-mail) from some of the youth, most of whom I took through confirmation.  I want to share with you part of a text message conversation I had with a high school student a few years ago (S = Student; P = Pastor):

S:  Hey Pastor, I have a friend who doesn’t really believe in God yet, but I’m trying to talk to him about the Bible and now he wants a Bible, but he has a question that I can’t really give him an answer to….

P:  (I gave him my answer to the question).

S: Okay, that answers his question. Thank you for your help. I’m sure he’ll have more questions because he’s reading a Bible for the first time and you know more than me but he’s come a longgggggg way since the beginning of baseball starting and I’m trying to get him to come to church this Sunday.

P:  I’m so proud of you.

S:  Thank you Pastor. I’m just doing what you taught me.