June 2019 Newsletter

“Com’ On! Get Into It!”

For some time now, the diet craze has been in full force across the country. And diet gurus abound – each touting their diet crusade to help America shed those “P-O-U-N-D-S”. One such diet guru that comes to my mind – and he has been around for quite some time – is the flamboyant cheerleader Richard Simmons. He advances his particular diet program with great enthusiasm. Once on a TV talk show where he was a guest…and as he was introduced, the music blared, the people cheered, and he came running down the aisle, clapping his hands briskly, and shouting, “Get into it! Get into it!” He is actually saying something that all church members, as well as weight watchers – these two groups are not mutually exclusive – need to hear. IF YOU ARE GOING TO DO SOMETHING EFFECTIVELY, YOU’VE GOT TO COMMIT YOURSELF TO IT AND INVOLVE YOURSELF IN IT WHOLLY, FULLY, TOTALLY. In other words you got to “get into it!”

Whatever it may be: the worship life of our congregation,….