January 2021 Parishioner

    So, 2020 is now (or almost) over! I think everyone would agree that 2020 has been a very difficult, challenging, and painful year: the pandemic with all its assorted challenges (shutdowns, social distancing, masks, businesses shutting down, massive unemployment, many people’s hopes and dreams shattered, people’s lives turned upside down, etc.), rioting and destruction, the ongoing turmoil of the presidential election, and on and on. We have great hope: as a result of the great work done over the past ten months, vaccines are being made available and distributed and a rate unexpected and unprecedented. (This process usually takes years!!!) And yet, once the vaccine has become available to more and more people, and once the vast majority of people who want to receive it have done so, how will we continue to be affected. What will “the new normal” look like? We need to move forward and, like communities devastated by rioting and destruction, rebuild and be renewed….