March 2021 Parishioner

What we believe about prayer is a good indication of what we believe about God, not just about the doctrinal and theological truths we affirm,

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February 2021 Parishioner

FROM THE PASTOR’S DESK   Recently, I read the following: A people without a common rule of law cannot live. It destroys itself in anarchy, which

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September 2020 Parishioner

Four Habits Worth Having “but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”         2 Peter 3:18  NIV      Growth is

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August 2020 Parishioner

The epitaph on an ancient city wall was written the words “Deleta Silentia.” The legend runs that its prince, having been sorely alarmed without cause,

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July 2020 Parishioner

“…it takes a certain skill set”      Can communication be considered a skill set?      People are always sharing books, devotions, pithy sayings, poems,

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